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Customer Service Expert
Successfully bringing your business towards customer success

Did you know that increased customer loyalty can increase by 40% the total revenue generated from clients each year?

And did you also that the high turnover in front line roles is mainly coming from poor customer service expertise and resources?

By improving your customer experience as well as your strategies around it, I am turning your customers into real brand ambassadors. 

The goal being to elevate and grow your brand while improving your team's performance through what matters the most: your own customers.

Customer Service Expert

What solutions do I provide?

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customer service training

Giving your team the best customer service resources is crucial to keep both your people and your clients loyal to you.

But definitely not an easy thing. As it is all about turning your people into real brand ambassadors.

If you want to know more about my high-value and engaging customer service training courses, feel free to have a look right below.

Customer Service Training

customer experience Consulting

Do you want to increase by up to 60% of the amount of feedback, referrals and recommendations received from customers?

Do you want to build new strong funnels of acquisition naturally created through loyal customers doing the job for you?

 Click right below to get to know more about my consulting offers and book your free discovery call.

Customer Experience Consulting

willing to know how well your customer loyalty and customer-oriented strategies are working for you?

fill out the below free questionnaire and have a detailed report on your performance!

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Customer Service Training

Pierre went into full details on the different aspects of customer success and covered everything we wanted. We are now 10 times more knowledgeable on both basics of customers service and on how to manage difficult clients. The way it was presented, how we had to work on our own documentation and the way Pierre engaged with us made it very interactive.  

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Ready to move to the next step or simply looking to know more about what I do? Click below to get in touch.

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