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What do I stand for?

Aiming for customer success is not only important to make your customers happy.

By elevating your methods and tools around your clients, I am improving your business performance while turning your customers into long-lasting brand advocates.

By doing so, you will increase the total revenue you generate from clients each year, get your business to successfully handle more customers while reducing the need to rely on direct clients acquisitions.

From improving your retention rate to successfully mapping your customer journey or simply training your people, my 360 degrees approach is all about making the best impact on how you run your business around your customers.

With more than a decade of experience managing people and customers in top luxury establishments, I have all the accreditations required to support and train businesses successfully on customer success.

What needs I am helping with?

  • ​​Businesses who want to retain their front-line employees longer by turning them into real brand ambassadors taking pleasure in delivering exceptional customer service

  • Businesses who want to bring their customer experience to the next level by improving the different processes and methods they have around it

  • Businesses who want to increase their revenue, improve their retention rate and generate new sales through what they already have and should value the most: their own clients

  • Businesses who want to stop customers leaving them, giving them bad (or no) testimonials and not getting from them these precious referrals / upselling opportunities

  • Businesses who want to improve their processes and successfully scale-up while keeping their customer experience and loyalty high

  • Businesses who want to improve their performance, stand out from competitors and improve their brand reputation through the heart of the business: their customers

What industries do I mostly work with?

IT and Tech Companies

IT, Tech and  Telecommunication

Call Centres and Outsourcing Companies

Call and Contact Centres

Travel Industry

Travel Industry and Hospitality

Waiting Room

Private Healthcare

Part of another industry? I got your back! Customer success is applicable to all businesses and I am regularly working with other industries!

Customer Service Training and Consulting

If you want a nice summary of all I do to help businesses, feel free to have a look and download my offer summaries or subscribe to my newsletter!

some stats and some facts about customer service

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