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Customer Experience Consulting 

Do you want to have strong methods in place to successfully scale up while keeping your customer experience and loyalty high? 

Do you want to build new strong funnels of acquisition naturally created through loyal customers doing the job for you?

Thanks to powerful customer oriented strategies, make the best impact on your clientele satisfaction and on your sales performance with the below consulting methods.

Customer success programme: 3 months to improve your cX and boost your performance

willing to know how well your customer loyalty, experience and strategies are working for you?

fill out the below free questionnaire and have a full report on your performance!

What will you get from it?

  • Up to 60% increase of the total amount of feedback, referrals and recommendations received from clients

  • Up to 40% increase of the total revenue generated from clients each year


  • Improved processes and strong ability to scale up while keeping the customer experience and loyalty high

  • Retention rate increased by up to 50% which is reducing the need to rely on direct acquisition

  • 60 to 70% more chances to upsell to fully satisfied and loyal customers

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What does it include?

  • Certificates awarded post-consultancy

  • Weekly 121 meetings

  • Pre-meeting diaries and action plan post meeting

  • Specific goals for the post-consultancy period 

  • Support given in implementing specific projects

  • Additional supporting materials and documentation

  • On-site support if needed and applicable

3 Different Methods 

Customer Strategy Consulting

What do we implement together?

Bring your customer strategies high enough so it makes the best impact on your sales, your business performance and your ability to successfully scale up. 

More in detail?

  • Complete audit of your customer oriented strategies to identify what could be done to increase your revenue

  • Full review of your automations and touchpoints to identify your opportunities of improvement

  • Analysis and feedback on the current methods focusing on generating more sales through your customers

  • Complete audit of your current retention and loyalty strategies to identify what could be done to improve it

  • Full review of your current feedback strategy and implement solutions to generate more and better feedback

  • Results driven analysis of current business goals to define how to associate them with a successful customer oriented strategy

Customer Experience Consulting

What do we implement together?

Specific methods successfully implemented around your customer journey to make the experience better for your clients and turn them into real brand ambassadors.

More in detail?

  • Analyse and feedback on all your processes around customers

  • 360-degrees audit of all the different touchpoints to identify room for improvement and opportunities to scale up 

  • Implementation of results-driven strategies to increase clientele’s satisfaction and loyalty in the long-term

  • ​​Full review of your customer issues to turn them into opportunities

  • Implementation of set methods to successfully manage your customer expectations

  • Implementation of set methods to handle difficult and complaining customers

Customer Service Consulting
Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Journey Mapping

What do we implement together?

Detailed mapping of your customer journey to improve your customer experience, successfully scale up your business and generate more sales from loyal clients.

More in detail?

  • Detailed analysis of your customer persona(s), their needs and their expectations

  • Complete audit on the different touchpoints through:

  • Enquiring process

  • Booking process

  • Delivery process

  • Offboarding and follow-up processes

  • Full insights on the customer perspective and representation of the business throughout the whole customer journey

  • Analysis and improvement of the different pain points both on the customer and business side

  • Implementation of targeted methods to effectively manage each stage of the customer journey

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